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Soft Services

One of the ECO objectives is the proper training and development of its employees on the house to maintain the quality of the soft services. Our soft services are conducted by a team of trained and reliable professionals with a keen eye for perfection and the goal of customer satisfaction.


Lifeguard Services

Weprovide Lifeguards trained in Water Safety & First Aid either for pool or beach safety in the UAE. Our lifeguards have undergone a comprehensive training program and all hold Lifeguard Certification.

Security Services

We have years of guarding experience that stems from our presence and is evident from our continuous growth. Everything we do has a focus on quality.

Housekeeping Services

Our cleaners have been trained most expertly and they are quite good at doing what they do, in fact, we are rated as the best cleaning company in Dubai. Therefore, you can expect a spotless

Cleaning Services

Fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional Cleaning Service is well renowned throughout Dubai. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect.

Deep Cleaning Services

We render a detailed cleaning and emphasize on delivering a spotless space. Our focus is on build up dirt and long-term maintenance for appliances. Unlike general cleaning where the surfaces are dusted and moped

Landscaping Services

We are backed by a team of skilful and creative landscape architects, and more dedicated professionals who strive hard to make the best tailor-made & fascinating designs that always exceed our client’s expectations!.

Waste Management

We are providing the waste management solutions to our clients for their projects. Being in the facility management industry for long time we are well known by providing services waste management is one of them.

Pest Control Services

We are providing the Pest control solutions to our clients for their projects. Being in the facility management industry for long time we are well known by providing services pest control is one of them.

SMATV Services

We are providing the maintenance for the low current system for the residential and commercial properties. Being Facility management company, we take care of the In and out of the building.

Concierge Services

Along with the security services we are providing the concierge for the residential and commercial building. They will help out the occupants for daily routine work. Helping hands is key in our all projects.

Swimming Pool Services

Keeping your pool looking good doesn’t have to be hard work. Regular maintenance will make sure your pool is ready to swim in when you want to.

Hard Services

Our professionals are trained to handle each client in accordance with their industry standards and business needs. We address a diverse and complex range of issues varying from enterprise to enterprise and disciplines. ECO offers solutions that are customized ranging from office boys and reception and mailroom services including payroll management services.

HVAC System

Avoid AC breakdown during the hot weather or any time you need your ac work correctly by regular check-ups and maintenance, home care provides one of the best AC repairs and fixing services in Dubai. Repair and regular check-ups and maintenance service for HVAC.

Plumbing Services

As we normally rely on water to perform most of our daily tasks, every home in Dubai is required to have a good plumbing system. However, these systems sometimes fail, which is very frustrating for most people in Dubai.

Mechanical Systems

Being in FM industry we are providing the mechanical system maintenance for residetial and commercial services in Dubai.

Electrical Services

We all need electricians in Dubai at some point to handle electrical work at our homes. You may require an electrician for installing regular indoor lights or outdoor lights, or even special lighting features such as chandeliers.

Infrastructure & Utilities

As a Facility management company in UAE, we provides infrastructure and utilities management services to our clients. By doing proper inspection we recommend to our client the energy saving solution.

Building Management

Our strength comes from the power of its expert staff that has the expertise and capability to provide specialized engineering system solutions starting from the field instrumentations and up to the operator interface and managerial level applications.


Lifts and elevators are important building systems, crucial for normal functioning of any building they are a part of. Consequently, elevator maintenance is an integral part of overall building maintenance and should neverbe overlooked.

Civil Maintenance

Civil works are an important part of the building. We provide the best civil maintenance and renovation for residential & commercial projects. Your property needs regular checkups. We provide the best quality civil works for our clients. Eco Facility Management takes care of clients’ assets. 

Central Gas System

Gas is an essential utility, can affect your business if stopped in the middle of your business. Any maintenance in gas networks must be done immediately to avoid potential damages due to leakages or fire.

Fire Safety Services

Emergency situations in a building can arise due to fires, natural disasters, power outages, vandalism and so on. During such crises, building occupants are likely to respond in an unpredictable manner, often resulting in panic and chaos, which impede rescue and evacuation efforts.

Water Tank System

At Eco facility Services, we undertake full cleaning services of residential buildings, villas, apartments, etc. This service is offered as a once-off task, regular contract service, or to suit your needs.

Specialized Services

We provide more than just solutions; we take charge of the problem and eliminate it in a timely and organized manner. We believe in time efficiency when it comes to soft services and hence are recognized as the soft services served with a positive approach.

Disinfection & Sterilization Services

Along with the need to maintain a healthy living and working space, and the surge in COVID-19-related issues, securing a virus-free environment is a must. Disinfection and Sanitisation services ensure a safe environment for all.

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