Fire Safety Systems

Fire Safety Systems:

Emergency situations in a building can arise due to fires, natural disasters, power outages, vandalism and so on. During such crises, building occupants are likely to respond in an unpredictable manner, often resulting in panic and chaos, which impede rescue and evacuation efforts.

A combination of intelligent fire alarm and voice evacuation systems is critical for guiding and evacuating occupants in a building to safety. Such an integrated system includes control and indicating equipment, initiating, and signalling devices such as intelligent fire alarm control panels; heat and smoke detectors; pull stations and manual call points; strobes; beacons; electronic visual displays; emergency lighting; sounders; and loudspeakers configured for high intelligibility. The uninterrupted functioning of these systems is guaranteed with the inclusion of secondary power supplies for fire alarm systems and central battery systems for emergency and exit lighting.

As a Facility Management we provide the fire fighting and fire alarm maintenance services for residential and commercial services.

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