Lift/Elevators are important building systems, crucial for the normal functioning of any building they are a part of. Consequently, elevator maintenance is an integral part of overall building maintenance and should never be overlooked. 

Safety: Performing routine maintenance on elevators is required to ensure safety for passengers and all building users. A breakdown of the elevator can be catastrophic, and it must be avoided by all means.

Operation: Elevators have a very important purpose. When they are out of service, they will cause inconvenience and frustration at best. At worst, they can interrupt business operations and cause operational losses and reputational damage. 

Costs: Fixing and/or replacing broken elevators is costly, running into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Regular maintenance can prevent such scenarios and increase the useful life of these building assets.

Regulations: There are regional laws and regulations stipulating the frequency of maintenance inspections for elevators. Some regions even require buildings to display the date of their last maintenance inspection inside the elevator.

We provide the elevators maintenance services in residential and commercial properties. Our staff is equipped with high standard training in case of any emergency. As a Facility Management company, we take care of the lift and provide the PPM services as required.

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