Electrical Service Includes:
Defective light fitting
Damaged or burn out power socket
Loose electrical connection
Cable installation
Imbalanced power circuit
Yearly maintenance

Plumbing Service Includes:
Blocked WC drain, shower, sink etc
Leaking water in ceiling, walls and floors
Faulty mixture tap and gate valves
Blocked or clogged floor pipes
Broken fixture in WC washbasin.

AC Services Includes:
We install New AC Units
We repair all types of AC breakdowns
We fix any size or model
We clean and maintain your AC,
Gas refilling

Carpentry Service Includes:
Painting of external and internal walls of villas
Internal painting of the Apartment
Spray painting of wooden doors
Tiles and marble fixing
Door lock fixing


Our Sustainability Commitment

All of ECO Facility Management’s operations center on sustainability. We plan, execute and measure effective systems that promote the health and safety of our employees and our clients, and respect the sanctity of the environment. As a company, we are committed to developing eco-friendly communities that prioritize a healthy environment and the overall safety and well-being of occupants. We do this by minimizing the use of hazardous products, and maximizing the deployment of solutions that conserve resources and reduce waste.


Tasked with keeping track of all records and relevant files – including building blueprints, system and equipment warranties, commissioning reports and maintenance manuals.


We are conscious that in today’s marketplace security is an important and vital element of any business; however, its integration must be seamless and without disruption.



ECO Facility Management provides services for Gate Barrier / Access Control System for residential and commercial property. ECO Facility Management have a dedicated team to maintain the gate barrier and electronic lock and access system of the building. This is to control the traffic, parking usage and preserved authorized person to access the premises

Waste Management:

Responsible for the daily collection of garbage from receptacles throughout common areas and managing its disposal in accordance with municipality and community regulations


Provides maintenance and monitoring services for the gymnasium.


Manages the routine upkeep of all community facilities, which includes dusting, glass cleaning, storage maintenance and exterior power washing.

Swimming Pool Management:

Provides maintenance and monitoring services for the swimming pool, steam and sauna facilities, and Lifeguard services. Also provide all the water test report according to DM and keeping the record

Façade Cleaning

Tasked with cleaning external glass surfaces at the frequency required by our customers.

Pest Control

Ensures that communities are free of insects, rodents and other pests by performing regularly scheduled control treatments.

Water tank cleaning

Providing the water tank cleaning according to DM rules and keeping all the certificates. Also provide all the water test report according to DM and keeping the record.

HVAC System

Maintaining heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the buildings, including heavy equipment such as, one of the largest consumers of energy. All the equipment and systems, including channels, fans, insulation, electrical wiring and bearings, are regularly examined through frequent maintenance.

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems including maintaining generators, emergency lighting, central battery, balancing the voltages, control garage gates, and automatic barriers. Our services includes recommendations to save energy costs in the common areas of the building and preventive maintenance of electrical systems. Generators, transformers and circuit breakers are regularly checked to ensure safety.


Provides highly-experienced care for both indoor and outdoor foliage, such as maintaining plants in common areas, trimming lawns, hedges and trees.

Plumbing System

ECO Facility Management deal with plumbing works covering all residential and commercial plumbing requirements. DFM have specialized technicians for installation of bathroom fixtures, plumbing accessories, heating element, rectification and layout of drainage lines, able to identify water leakage and provide necessary/immediate solution to upkeep the property.

Civil Maintenance:

Our civil scope includes interior and exterior painting, masonry, fit-outs,  snagging and refurbishment. Building fabric elements include walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors and finishing or water-proofing.

Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm System

ECO Facility Management have nominated subcontractors approved by Civil Defense Authority to perform maintenance of the Fire Safety of the building. ECO Facilities Management carefully evaluates the background and capabilities of the subcontractor to ensure the functionality of the fire safety system of the building maintenance.

Lift Systems

ECO Facility Management is committed to supply services for the Elevator for the smooth functioning of lifting and landing, level alignment, ventilation and to ensure safety devices are functioning. This is to ensure ECO Facilities Management provide comfortable and easy access to the tenant.


Third Party

ECO Facility provide the third party inspection for the elevators as required.

Generator Maintenance

Provide the maintenance and maintaining services for the generator in the facilities.


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